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Welcome! My name is Haley, I'm a 27 year old book-aholic. I'm a book reviewer for the RiverTalk Newspaper. I love reading YA, NA, and adult paranormal mostly, but I do go into other genres on occasion. If you want to talk more one on one about books, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter, I love making new bookish friends!

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So this is a meme hosted by me (Ya-Aholic) 
I'm going to run it every Friday, BUT you can run it any day you like. (:
  • It's called If I had a Magic Lamp or for short IML. 
  • For IML you will post that if you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?  It can be anything from meeting your favorite author, wishing you had a book way before it was released, or well anything! 
  • You can do any amount of wishes you want, I am gonna stick with the traditional 3, but feel free to do one or a hundred either way!
  • It doesn't have to be book related..but since I'm a book blogger the majority of mine will all be book related! So go ahead and grab the button (on sidebar) and join if you want, if not that's fine Im just doing this for fun! 
  • That's the basics of IML, you can do it however you want though of course, as long as it's still the same Wish thing and such and you give me credit. (: Click in next Friday for another IML! (:

    Grab the button!

    My first wish would be to have my own kindle....This wish is actually coming true soon! I am (hopefully) ordering one tomorrow! I currently use my mommas kindle, which is fine, but it would be nice to have my own that I could stock up a bunch of my books in (:

    My second wish would be to have one of the Page light up devices by LightWedge!!!! That way I can read in the dark easily and just light up the page, not my whole room!(:

    My third wish would be to have room for a nice pretty desk in my room...but alas..I do not have enough room ):

    Well that's it for this weeks If I had a Magic Lamp!! What would you wish for if you had a magic lamp ?(:


    Stephanie said...

    I never wanted a Kindle before but i just saw a review on youtube about it and they said that the screen is not bright like most but sorta like a page in a book(if that make sense lol) so that sounded cool so it made me want it a little!
    And that second thing looks sooo so looking into into it :)

    Stephanie said...

    My wishes
    1. I actually want a new desk! Mine is old and to bulky-ish lol
    2. I really want a built in bookcase in the wall. I ran out of room everwhere and have to store books under my bed. I like them to all be on a shelf.
    3. I would wish for Borders to not be going out of business :(

    Book Passion for Life said...

    Great wishes. I completely agree with the Kindle, everyone needs there own. I'm excited for you to get one :) Donna

    Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

    ya Im excited too haha hopefully it gets here fast after I order it! (:

    aldelei89 said...

    wow! you make me wana have my own page light too! :D thanks for sharing!

    Sahina said...

    Ohh I do hope you get the kindle! It's always nice to have one of your own :)
    Also, that device to light up the pages looks so kick ass!

    Anonymous said...

    Lucky! You best enjoy that kindle for me because I won't be getting one until CHRISTMAS! Ugh. But all good things come to those who wait.

    Sorry about the desk not fitting in your room. That's tough. Mine barely fits. I use my book light religiously at night. I might have to look into one of those just lights up the page thingy. I had no idea it existed!

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

    Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

    I know isnt the page light up thing so cool!?!When I saw it I nearly HELLO where has this device been all my life!?!? haha ((:

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