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Welcome! My name is Haley, I'm a 27 year old book-aholic. I'm a book reviewer for the RiverTalk Newspaper. I love reading YA, NA, and adult paranormal mostly, but I do go into other genres on occasion. If you want to talk more one on one about books, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter, I love making new bookish friends!

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This Wednesday I am waiting for The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Cordova
Scheduled to come out March 2012 and published by Sourcebooks, here is the cover and blurb (:

Set against the backdrop of a Coney Island summer comes The Vicious Deep, the story of sixteen year old Tristan Hart whose life is turned upside down when the mermaids make an unscheduled return to land in search of their new king.

When a sudden storm pulls Tristan from lifeguard duty into a deadly riptide, he discovers what he really is—a prince of the Sea Court. Turns out, his girlfriend hopping and talents as a swimmer aren’t caused by his teenage prime hormones after all.

In this modern Arthurian tale with a twist, when all a guy wants to do is get The Girl and enjoy the freak show that is a Coney Island summer, Tristan has to fight for his life, the lives of his friends, and his humanity, if he still wants it, as he’s caught in a race for a throne that is as ancient as the gods

"Okay this sounds awesome! I mean come on, the guy finds out he is prince of the sea court? He, I have a going to be dreamy, and I am oh so excited. Also has anyone looked at that cover?! Holy Crap! That cover is so wicked beautiful. At first I thought the cover was of a Vampire Mermaid, which not gonna lie would be interesting in my opinion, but it's not! Seriously I can't get over this cover, totally one of my new all time favorite covers. Anyways! This sounds great, this loks great, and I cant wait to read it!" Says me.

What are you waiting for this Wednesday? (: 


Mickey said...

Wow, sounds good!! I will have to check this one out :o)

Here's my WoW for this week!

Mickey @ imabookshark

Liz. R said...

I thought it was a vampire mermaid too! :P But even though it's not, still love the sound of this one! Great pick :)

Unknown said...

i am inlove with that cover!

Sophia said...

This one sounds really great! :) It reminds me just a little bit of Wrecked, which is my pick this week. Great pick! :)

My WoW :)

caroline.taylor078 said...

OMG, that cover is beyond gorgeous, I think I'd buy it no matter what it was about, thankfully the story sounds cool too!