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Welcome! My name is Haley, I'm a 27 year old book-aholic. I'm a book reviewer for the RiverTalk Newspaper. I love reading YA, NA, and adult paranormal mostly, but I do go into other genres on occasion. If you want to talk more one on one about books, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter, I love making new bookish friends!

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It is time!!! I am now starting my 900 follower giveaway! Thank you all my beautiful bookworms that have followed my blog, so as a thank you I am starting my next big giveaway! It is international of course! In this giveaway you could win one of the themed bundle packs listed below! If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post, or even email me at

So here are the details:

  • There will be 1 winner
  • The winner will win one of the themed bundle packs below of their choice
  • You must be a follower to enter
  • You must fill out the form below to enter
  • The more entries you put in, the more likely you are to win
  • Giveaway will end October 20th

Extra Entries Include:

  • Tweeting about giveaway on twitter +2
  • Posting about giveaway on facebook +2
  • Putting giveaway button on your blog (find on sidebar) +4

So you can have a total of 9 entries! (:

Here are the choices of a bundle pack you could win!!

Below each bundle pack are links to each book so you can see what it is about (:

fill out THIS  form to enter 


Contemporary Bundle Pack

Dystopia Bundle Pack

Fae Bundle Pack

Mermaid Bundle Pack

Mythology Bundle Pack

Vampire Bundle Pack

Werewolf Bundle Pack
-Unleashed will be pre-ordered for the winner if they choose this bundle pack,
 Unleashed comes out November 22nd

Random Bundle Pack

fill out THIS  form to enter 


Mary said...

Awesome Giveaway!!!!! Congratulations♥!

Angeline Kace said...

Whoo-hoo!! This is an EPIC giveaway, Haley!!! Super CONGRATS on rocking the blogging word and reaching 900 followers! That's awesome! And thank you for including DBB into that awesome mix! ♥

Giselle said...

Awesome giveaway! Congrats!

Giselle at Xpresso Reads

Melissa @thereaderandthechef said...

Congrats for the 900 followers!! And thank you for this amazing giveaway! :D

SweetMarie83 said...

What an awesome giveaway, Haley! Whoever wins this is going to be so lucky! Congrats on reaching 900 followers, very exciting! :-)

Naj said...

900 already?? Woah! Awesome job and congrats! I'm so glad to be part of that 900 well now its 921. :DD Thanks for the giveaway!


Kayla @ Shattered Memories said...

Whoo-hooooooo, congrats Haley! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway! ♥

If you haven't already, come check out my 100 follower giveaway. :)

Shawn Kirsten Maravel said...

With fabulous giveaways like this you'll be at 1,000 followers in no time!!!! Great giveaway, Haley! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the 900 followers =) you deserve it.

This is one amazing giveaway!!

Lisa, xoxo

Unknown said...

wow 900 that's awesome congrats ;)

Isabel Pasrod said...

Thanks Haley for this great giveaway!!
I have one tiny question, the books will be on hardcover or paperback? Just curious :P

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

If there available in paperback then Ill be ordering paperback, but each bundle pack has at least one book that are only in hardback. So it just depends on what bundle pack you pick and what the books are available in (:

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the best giveaway ever =)
Thank you so much for the chance to enter ^_^
Good luck everyone and congrats on making it to 900 =D

Anonymous said...

All of these book bundles are amazing!! Thank you so much for this GREAT giveaway!!!!

Rose said...

Wow!! What as awesome way to celebrate your 900+ followers!!!


kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Absolutely amazing giveaway, Haley! Congrats on 900 followers! x

Carina said...

Congratulations on 900+ followers, Haley, and thank you for such an awesome giveaway! :)


AmburHostyn said...

Congrats on reaching 900 followers! :D Thanks for this fantastic giveaway! :D

Mel said...

LOVE your blog! This is a great idea, thanks for the opportunity!! :)

Aneesa V said...

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! And congrats on hitting 900 followers! x

DhesiX said...

Congrats on 900+ followers and thank you for the super awesome giveaway, Haley!!

You know, how hard was it to choose, right?! :)

Aleksandra said...

Congrats & thanks for another amazing giveaway!

Lilith said...

Congrats and thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Jennie said...

Congrats on 900+ followers!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :D

roro said...

Congrats on 900+ followers!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :D

Evie said...

Congrats on your follower!
And thank you very much for this amazing giveaway! Wow!

Marieru said...

Thank you so much for hosting this incredible giveaway!!
Congrats on 900+ followers :)

Jessica said...

O.O 900 Followers! I feel like it was only a little bit ago that we were celebrating 600!! Congrats!

Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

Silmeriel said...

wow! 900 followers!! Congratulations...
and thanks for the giveaway... =)

Pabkins said...

Oh its a bout bed time. Thanks for the giveaway. hopefully you get to 1k !

Unknown said...

awesome and generous giveaway!

Janhvi said...

Congrats and thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Fictional Candy said...

Congratulations on the milestone, and thanks for the awesome giveaway! So hard to choose!

Rockee said...

Congrats and thanks for another awesome giveaway! You rock!:)

SpadesHighReads said...

CONGRATS GIRL!! Keep up he great work! and Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! =)

caroline.taylor078 said...

Thanks for doing this giveaway, I am loving your blog and am sure you will hit 1000 in no time, keep up the good work!!

ashley said...

WOW awesome!

Holly said...

900 followers! That's awesome! Congrats Haley and thanks so much for the giveaway!

The Happy Booker said...

Fabulous giveaway! Thanks! And congrats on reaching 900 followers!!!

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Thanks for the great giveaway -- so many awesome choices! Congrats on all your followers. =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing giveaway. All these books are on my TBR list. Such a hard choice. Thanks again and congrats to all the followers.

Sahina said...

Ahhh Haley, you do like the most awesome giveaways ;) <3

Sarah W. said...

That's amazing!! Congratulations and thanks for the awesome giveaway.

I really love it when giveaways offer the contestants prize choices!

-Sarah (Inklings Read)

Nerwen said...

Hi there!! Thanks for the giveaway...and for make it international!! :)

Leonor (Ner) said...

Congrats on the 900 Followers (proud to be one ^_^)

That was hard to fill the form and choose just one pack... nevertheless, thanks for the international giveaway


Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway! Come check out my 1000 follower giveaway here!

Bookish Brunette said...

Awesome chick! Congrats!!

Litza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Litza said...

Congratulations! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, too! :)

Btw... I was your 1000th follower! Sweet, yes! :D

Obsession with Books said...

Congratulations on 900+ followers!! And thank you for this amazing giveaway!

Sharon @

Susan Oloier said...

Congrats on hitting 1000+ followers! What an amazing giveaway!

Darlene said...

Your 900 follower giveaway is now boasting over 1,000!! Congrats!!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Emily White said...

Wow! Congratulations! 900+ followers is huge!! :D :D :D

Isabella Ciampa Author said...

900+... so many!! :D congrats!!!!! :D and thanks for this amazing giveaway

Book Sake said...

Congrats on all the followers & thanks for this epic giveaway!

Denise Z said...

Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone and thank you for sharing the joy:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all followers!!
tanhks for teh awesome giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Congratulations! Actually you have 1000 now! Thanks for the giveaway! And it's really kind of you to make this giveaway international! So Thanks!

Unknown said...

gracious! i love your giveaway! Congratulations by the way!
many thank you to you! :)

latishajean said...

What a great giveaway thank you very much and Congrats to you on your followers Great blog!

Donna said...

awesome giveaway!

IdentitySeeker said...

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway:)

Congrats on your 900 followers!

Sarah @ Random Thoughts

Books for Company said...

Congrats on 900 Followers!

Rose said...

haha I just realized that your giveaway ends on my birthday! How cool is that? LOL Just thought it was funny :P

Good luck everyone!!! :D

momi87 said...

Congratulats for you 1097 followers!
And you giveaway is wonderful!
Thank you!

The More the Merrier said...

Congrats on the 1000+ followers. Very awesome giveaway! Those are some really great bundles it was hard to narrow it down to just one. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

aurora M. said...

Fantastic giveaway! congrats on all those followers...quite a feat! I hop I didn't double enter but this one is tooooooooooo good to not enter!

Roxy Kade said...

Thank you soooo much for the awesome giveaway! And congrats on the followers :)

I've done all the necessary but I'm battling to get the direct FB link to my post so I left my pages link ( The Bloody Crescent Book 1: Therian ) which is where I posted about this giveaway!

Good luck to all those who enter!!

Candice Scrooby aka Roxanne Kade

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Molkinaify said...

Thank you for this opportunity!!

Unknown said...

Wow, thank you for this wonderfully generous giveaway! :)

Suz @ A Soul Unsung

LisaILJ said...

Thanks for having the giveaway, I just wish I could remember if I had already entered. :(

Amy said...

That was tough just choosing one, lol. But thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 1000+ followers!

oriana said...

congrats!! awesome giveaway and thanks for making it international!

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