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Welcome! My name is Haley, I'm a 27 year old book-aholic. I'm a book reviewer for the RiverTalk Newspaper. I love reading YA, NA, and adult paranormal mostly, but I do go into other genres on occasion. If you want to talk more one on one about books, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter, I love making new bookish friends!

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"Right now, as I ran along the dark tunnel, retracing my steps back to Aiden, I realized that my old life was over.."

Elemental-The First by Alexandra May
Available: Ebook/Paperback 280 pages
Series: The First (#1) The Circle of Fire (#2)
Author info: Website . Facebook . Twitter
Source: Author in exchange for honest review

ROSE Frost receives a bracelet on her sixteenth birthday, a parting gift from her mother who claims it is a family heirloom. From that night Rose starts having vivid dreams and strange visions. DAYS after, her family separate and Rose moves into her grandmother's house. Her dreams start to involve a woman called Halíka Dacomé. Is she a legend or a figment of her imagination? DANGER strikes one night. Rose is first on the scene after she smells burning and discovers a car that has been purposely set on fire. She is convinced that the boy in her latest vision is inside the car. The mysterious Aiden Deverill pulls Rose to safety, but not before a window explodes and a ball of fire burns them both. She uses her secret healing gift to heal the scars and to all appearances remains unscathed. But Aiden is free from burns too and Rose doesn't know why. She is drawn to his alluring smile, his gorgeous dark looks and hypnotising blue eyes, but as they get closer her friends warn her off claiming that he's bad news. Rose tries to find the truth about Halika Dacomé and more about why Aiden is so disliked, but she soon gets drawn into helping her friends solve the mystery behind the missing Warminster townsfolk. The latest missing person is her new friend Jez's father. During the investigation she meets Morgan, a family friend of Daisy's who lives in the cottage at the bottom of Daisy's garden. He's kind, funny and clearly devoted to her, but Rose finds out that his hatred towards Aiden and his grandfather, Ben Deverill, lies rooted in a shocking event that happened years before involving both families. For Rose, her new life is beginning but she soon realizes that people are not always what they seem, and finds it difficult to determine who to trust. What she always believed to be a happy family and a friendly town soon turns on its head when she discovers that her family secret, Aiden Deverill and the truth behind Halíka Dacomé is at the heart of the whole conspiracy.

This book has left me completly and utterly astonished! When I recieved this book for review I knew I was gonna enjoy it, I had no idea though that it was gonna put me on a rollar coaster of love, suspense, mystery and so much more ! This book has surprises around every corner and I loved every moment I spent devouring it! Needless to say, I really liked this book.

Elemental is threw the eyes of Rose, Rose is moving into her Grandmas house, as far as she knows, her dad has a dangerous job, and some people want to hurt him and his family, so her family leaves her to live with her grandma so she is safe, what rose doesn't know, is there is way more to why they want her living there..Rose meets up with some old friends, and things seem to be going great she even starts to form feelings for Morgan, Morgan seems perfect, but there is someone else occupying Rose's thoughts, and that's Aiden. Aiden is mysterious and dangerous, everyone tells Rose he is bad news and she needs to stay away, but he seems so caring towards Rose that it's hard for her to beilieve them, as more and more weird things start to happen around Rose she will be tested in ways she can't even imagine, her heart will be tested, she will be betrayed, and she will find out what she is to become...

Alexandra May has put together such an amazing new addition to the YA world, and I can honestly say I can't wait to see more of her work! Elemental took on awhole new fantasy involving the Halíka Dacomé legend, but what Rose believes is a legend, isnt at all. This book had wonderful plot, the story was something new and completly keeps your attention threwout, the characters had great development, scenry is beautifully describeded, this book just had everything I look for in an amazing read.

One of the best aspects of this story for me was the suspense. This book had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen! Rose is so fearless and threwout the story is put in sistuations where you can't help, but get the feeling something bad is going to happen. This was one of the main reasons this book got me so much, when Rose enters those situations you can't help but keep reading until you know everyone will come out okay!

The romance is also what really caught my attention, Rose has mixed feelings for both Morgan and Aiden, Morgan is gorgeous and everyone loves him, Rose has feelings for him, but it's nothing compared to the connection she feels when she is around Aiden. Aiden, I completly and totally love him. Alexandra has put together such a unique character when it comes to Aiden, I have never EVER met another character like him, he really is just one of a kind and was such a delight to read.

All in all this book was an amazing read and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new fantasy or just anyone who is looking for a great read. This book will draw you in with it's suspense and romance, and once you finish, it will leave you begging for book two.

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roro said...

cool , tnx 4 review

Jenna and Ashley said...

The cover is really cool. I wonder why I haven't heard of this one yet. Is this going to be a series or a trilogy? Great review. The suspense sounds awesome.
-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

Book Passion for Life said...


Fictional Candy said...

I love the cover, I think I'm turning into a cover addict lol. Your review is good, I think I am going to go over to goodreads and add this to my TBR. Thanks :)

Liz @ Fictional Candy

Proserpine said...

Love your review, I don't know this author but the story sounds great!

Heather Marie said...

You have made me want this so bad! When I'm done with the series I'm on now I'm definitely going to get this book! <3

Unknown said...

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