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Hey book lovers! The year is coming to an end! I think it is time to show some of the AWESOME covers that have come out in 2011...So for the next 7 days I am going to be doing the "7 days of covers" where I will each day have a different category and show you guys my top 5 out of the 2011 releases, the different categories will be Male covers, No Person covers, Unique covers, Indie covers, Couple covers, Time for a Close Up covers, and The Girl in a Dress covers. Since I am a US book blogger, I did not include any UK/AUS covers. Also keep in mind I am mainly a YA book blogger, so these are all YA novels (:

At the end of this week I will start a new huge giveaway! International of course! So keep an eye out for that next Monday! Now lets get on to those top covers..todays catagory is easy on the eyes (;

Top 5-Male Covers of 2011


Blood by K.J. Wignall- Add to goodreads here

Why this cover is in the top 5?

  • First off...I mean come on...the guy is smoking hot, although I am not a huge fan of his body, his face is sooo beautiful (;
  • Font choices, ah I am a huge fan of awesome fonts and this cover has great fonts to go with what the book is about
  • Color Splash! AH I love color splash, but only when it is done nicely, this cover does great color splash with the font and the splats of blood 


Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare-add to goodreads here

Why this cover is in the top 5?

  • Again I am a sucker for pretty faces, and this guy deff has a prety face
  • The lighting, they added a lighting affect, where it looks like rays of light coming out of certain areas, and it looks amazing 
  • The background, I love the building and old street light
  • Texture, you can't tell as much in this little showing of the cover, but there is a texture added ontop of the cover and it also adds more awesome ness to this cover
  • Another reason this made the top is because normally I am not a huge fan of Historical Fiction covers, they are normally pretty plain and boring I feel, but The Infernal Devices totally goes against that and makes amazing covers


The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa-add to goodreads here

Why this cover is on the top 5?

  • Ash's outfit, fits perfectly with what I believe he would be wearing with being apart of the Winter Court
  • The font, Iron Fey series has such an awesome font they use and it looks amazing on their covers
  • Colors, I love the blue colors they use on this one, they all blend so nicely and really give this cover that 'icey' look
  • Swirls, I love the swirls! The white-blue swirls look great, The Iron King,Daughter, and Queen I feel didn't look as good as The Iron Knight turned out with the swirls, of course I feel blue is a more favorite for me for covers so that may be why(;


Touch by Jus Accardo-add to goodreads here

Why this cover made the top 5?

  • okay..that guy.. is the most beautiful guy ever! They picked a perfect model/stock image I love his hair,  I love that he has his shirt on, I love the blue eyes, he is just beautiful.
  • Font, Ah I love the big bold font, I also love how it is faded some with the background
  • Overall, overall this cover is put together very nicely, I love the beautiful guy on the cover, I like that they kept his shirt on , cause it still gives it the YA look compared to Blood that looks more like an adult novel


The Pearl Wars by Nick James-add to goodreads here

Why this cover is the top male cover of 2011?

Okay, I know..your probably saying "Haley what is this?! This guy you can't even tell if he is hot..and where is his body?!" ha well that is one of the reason this cover is the top cover of 2011! Most Male covers are just trying to put a pretty face/hot guy on a cover to attract us female readers, but even though this cover doesn't have that, it still catches my eye every single time I pass it! This cover is just overall epic, everything about it, there is not one thing I would change about it! I love the colors it uses, the fonts, the everything! Major claps for the designer of this cover!

Well that is all for today's stop of Top Male Covers of 2011, please keep in mind I do not know about every book in the YA world, so I am sure I am missing some equally awesome male covers, but to me these ones take the cake of 2011 male covers! Come back tomorrow and check out the top 5 No-Person covers of 2011! (:

What are your favorite Male covers of 2011?! What do you think about my choices? Would you re-organize my list?! (: Leave Comments!


LoveOfBooks said...

What? No Patch from Silence? Haha, I don't know which one I'd pick. If Rot & Ruin had been 2011, then I pick it. It's creepy cool :)

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

AH I know!I went past that cover and was all excited to add it! Then I realized it was not 2011 ): OH and Patch also has Nora on the I couldnt use it these are only male covers! ha (:

Author Sherry Gammon said...

Great choices!! I love your reasons why too, very artsy of you to notice the small, but important details. As for my picks... I'd feel like a Perv picking out covers with hot YOUNG BOYS so I will have to pass;}}} LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great covers! I agree with your first choice for Sky Ship Academy.

Kate @ Kates Book Life said...

Nice guys ;)

LoveOfBooks said...

Oh yeah.... Nora. Don't even notice her. LOL.

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

bahaha Christy that cracked me up!!! (:

roro said...

I agree with your first choice for Sky Ship Academy.

Jennie said...

I love all these! I think my favorite is Clockwork Prince. Such a gorgeous cover. :D

Bex said...

I would have totally voted for Clockwork Prince to be number one. ;) Not just cause he has a pretty face, but the whole cover just displays the world and intrigues me so bad! Lol. None of the others manage that with the pretty face!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...


Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

Omggggg I HATE the cover of Clockwork Prince!! Blehhh, I like the others though :) Especially the Iron Knight!! WINNING!

Anna @ Literary Exploration

Book Passion for Life said...

Oh no!!!! Haley....I'm very upset that Ash didn't win....and you know my vote with go to him. Lol ~ Donna

Krazzyme(Young Readers) said...

I like Silence!!

Anonymous said...

I would put Touch at number one. The book is Amazing and Kale is gorgeous. Too bad Daemon doesn't grace the cover of Obsidian by himself lol. Or Aiden on the cover of Twisted and also Patch on Silence. Go away girls lol.

Giselle said...

Aaah really? The Skyship Academy is my least favorite of all of these haha. I love Touch and Blood covers best :D

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