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Hey book lovers! Today is Indie/Self Pub Covers, and I must say I love all of these cover equally I think...I cannot pick an order I love them al!! YAYY! Keep in mind since I am a US book blogger, I did not include any UK/AUS/Other covers. Also keep in mind I am mainly a YA book blogger, so these are all YA novels (:

Top 5 Indie/SelfPub Covers of 2011 
(no order, love them all equally!)

Brightest Kind of Darkness by Patrice Michelle-add on GR here

  • Ah I love this cover, covers that take place in the woods are always so pretty, and Brightest Kind of Darkness takes the 'in the woods' cover cake! The woods is beautiful, the model is beautiful, and I love the black feathers falling down also.Such a great cover!

Anew by Chelsea Fine-add to GR here

  • This cover is beautiful, I for one am a sucker for purple..oh what is that?a very bright purple? yes it is so pretty! The model is also gorgeous, I love the pose she is in, I love the bright blue eyes, I love her dress. I also love the font they used, the arrow in the A goes perfectly with what I am guessing the book is about since it is called 'The Archers of Avalon'. This cover is just so pretty!

Pyxis by K.C. Neal-add to GR here

  • I loved this cover the first time I saw it, infact that is 100% what drew me in at first! I loved the blue and purple tones they used, I love the model how she really does look like the main character Corinne, I love how this cover actually goes with the story, this cover is just great! 
-did I mention that I am in the acknowledgements of this book!?? Ya well I'm mentioning it now! so cool! (:

Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking-add to GR here

  • I think we all can agree this cover is awesome! I love the orange/red tint it has. I love the scene, I love the girls hair...but most of all I love the font, I love how it has a reflection affect to it, looks so awesome!

Eden by Keary Taylor-add to GR here

  • I just recently stumbled upon this book on goodreads, and I could not take me eye of it (pun intended)! It is so insanely detailed and looks so amazing, everything about this one draws me in, I love how it looks with the dirt and smeared makeup, I love the eye, I love the sci-fi look, I just love this cover! epic.epic.epic.

Well that's it for Indie/Self Pub! Check in tomorrow to see the top 5 'Time for a Close up' Covers of 2011! (:


Book Passion for Life said...

I'm 100% with Brightest Kind of Darkness!!! Awesome book....awesome cover!!! :)

PamM said...

I've only seen three of these books but they all look awesome.

LoveOfBooks said...

HOLLOWMEN.... hands down. I like them all, but Amanda's Hollow's series is one of my favorites. And even if you took all of the words away, and had just the art, I would want that. Claudia does amazing artwork, and the fact that she did the cover for Pyxis, too, shows that. Both are awesome..

K.C. Neal said...

Thanks for the cover shout-out, Haley! How exciting, yay! Wow, the Eden cover is a work of art!!

Chelsea Fine said...

Oh, man! The Eden cover is awesome--that's some serious talent! Pixis is beautiful (and intriguing!) and Brightest Kind of Darkness looks amazing! And who doesn't love the Hollowmen cover? It totally rocks! :)

roro said...

awesome covers!!! :)

Jennie said...

All of these are so gorgeous!

Emily White said...

I totally agree with you on all your selections. The last one especially is amazing.

Stephanie said...

The cover for Brightest Kinds of Darkness is my fav on this list!! Soooo pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some amazing covers! One of the real advantages to indie publishing is the joy of maintaining creative control over all aspects of the novel, including the all-important cover. I just created covers for the very first time, and it was a blast!

Author Sherry Gammon said...

Great! Love the HollowMen cover!!

Bex said...

Brightest Kind of Darkness is my absolute favourite self-pub cover ever! It's so gorgeous and perfect for the story. Love it!

P.T. Michelle said...

Thank you for including BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS in your list, Haley. I'm honored!


Giselle said...

All of these are amazing!! <3

Xpresso Reads

Sandy said...

I loved Brightest Kind of Dark's cover from the moment I saw it and now the cover for Hollowmen has my jaw dropping :o.


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