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woohoo, love so many of these covers!! It took me forever to pick a favorite, but I did! Go on, take a peek at the new beauties that came out this past week! :D (total of 29 covers!)

This cover was designed by the amazing Eden Crane Designs  (click here to check out her website)and I LOVE it!! Purple is my favorite maybe on this I am a little biased..but still it is so pretty!!! :D I love the glowing affect of the purple flowers, I love the font, the sparkles. OH and I love the model used! She is so pretty, and I am mega jealous of her hair! I always wished I had naturally long black hair *sigh* Anyways SUCH a pretty cover (:

other covers released this past week!

click cover to enlarge image, click book title to go to goodreads link

Smitten (not on goodreads yet) . Before you Go . Hopeless . Jack (not on goodreads yet)

 All I Need . Notes from Ghost Town . Masquerade's Moon . Insomnia

 Mercy . Heaven Sent . Ash Mistry . After Daybreak

Aversion . Facade . Falling from Eternity . Destined

 Forever my Girl . How I Lost You . Fiery Gemstones (not on goodreads yet) . Autumn Storm

 Cal of the Jersey Devil . Some Quiet Place . Suddenly Royal . Shrapnel

 The Declaration . The Legacy . The Resistance .  The Moon and More

That's it for covers this week! :D
What cover is your favorite?! 

 Want to check out what covers came out last week? click here. 


whatgeorgiedid said...

As i'm usually quite picky, being a photographer
/designer, i don't think any in particular pop out to me but if i had to pick then 'Notes from Ghost Town' and 'How I lost You'


Donna said...

Destined is my favorite.

Janie said...

I love Insomnia's cover!

Anonymous said...

I think i fell in love with all of them . But especially : Forever My Girl ,Autumn Storm,Mercy,Beloved you go , Hopeless and Dark Summer are extremly beautiful .

Ninja Girl said...

I like How I Lost You as well :)
Ninja Girl

Ayana Ahmad said...

My favourites are Before You Go, Suddenly Royal and The Moon and More. Destined is okay as well.

Theshortone08 said...

Wow that cover is really gorgeous!
The artist is brilliant!

Unknown said...


Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Notes from ghost town,After Daybreak, Falling from eternity, Some quite place, I see some covers that really makes me curious about the book :)

Anonymous said...

We have the same favorite cover. Dark Summer look way better now than the previous cover not that it was ad or something. This new cover just captures what the book is about. The book definitely deserve a great cover seen as it is that good! :)