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Hey book lovers! So this post is a day late (sorry). I hope you guys and all your friends and family are safe and doing okay. I am deeply saddened by everything that has happened in the past week, and can only hope things will get better. 

Anyways here are the covers come this past weeks, go ahead and take a peek. (: 

This cover was created by Okay Creations
I LOVE this cover!!!! I am a huge fae novel fan so maybe that's why I love it so much. The font choices are beautiful, I love all the greens,teals, and blues. LOVE the added fae ear too!! Ah I just can't wait for this series to come out! Book one hasn't came out yet ):

Other covers released this past week..

click cover to enlarge image, click book title to go to goodreads page

 Happenstance . The Lost Dacome Files . Release . Second Rate Chances

Happen Stance, and Second Rate Chances were created by Okay Creations
Release was created by Phatpuppy art

Moon Spell . River Cast . Blood Solstice . Slumber

All of these covers were created by Phatpuppy art

 Oath Bound . Dawn . There is no Light in Darkness . Redemption (LOVE this cover too!)

There is no Light in Darkness was created by Okay Creations
Redemption was created by Mae I Design

 Earth Bound (so excited for this!) . Fighter . Perfectly Unmatched . Camp Boyfriend

Fighter was created by Mae I Design
Perfectly Unmatched was created by Okay Creations

Cold Fury . The Eternity Cure . The Immortal Rules . Flicker & Burn

 Dear Cassie . Forget Me Not . I Choose You . The Detective Inspectors (not on gr yet)

Forget me Not was created by Mae I Design

 Of Gaea . The Witch's Curse . Tainted Love . Timespell

That's it for covers this week! 

What cover is YOUR favorite?! (:

Want to see what covers came out last week? click here.


Unknown said...

My favorite is Forget Me Not by Belinda Boring

Unknown said...

I like Second Rate Chances and There is no light in darkness. But they are all really beautiful!

Chelsea Pitcher said...

Ooh, Ember has such a beautiful cover!! Also love Dear Cassie and Of Gaea! :)

romanceauthor said...

I really like Redemption. The cover makes me super curious about the book, and I've never seen it before now.

BellaColella said...

I want to read second rate chances, i want the Arc but not sure who to ask...LOL love the list they are all looking good and loving the covers!!

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