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Now obviously I don't have an actual fear of sequels, but I do try to avoid reading them. Idk why I never want to read them...but I just don't. No matter how much I LOVE a book...I will still put off reading the sequel for well...a long ass time. I think the reason I don't ever want to pick sequels up is solely because I am worried it will ruin the series or it won't live up to my expectations. So this year I want to put an end to me putting off sequels and actually continue series I love!

In my Monthly Wrap Up posts (that I'm going to start doing again) I will put any progress I have made on any of my reading challenges (:

Here are some sequels I hope to read this year, 
I want to read more then this, but this is at least a start (: 
click book title to check out goodreads page





Sooo there you have it!!! These are some of the sequels I hope to get done this year (and more) I am really excited to hopefully finally continue some series that I fell in love with (: fingers crossed all these books end up awesome!

Another reading challenge I am doing is to try new things, meaning just trying some books that are outside of my usual genre below are a few I am going to try out (: 


I'm excited to try these out, I have already ordered The Snow Child so hopefully will read that one soon! (:

So those are my 2 reading challenges, the major one being the sequels. (:

What are your 2013 reading challenges?!!? 

Leave a comment below! (:


Charli said...

Huh? I think Endure is further on... It goes Need, Captivate, Entice... Maybe it's called Endure where you are? Hmm...

Charli x

Book Passion for Life said...

Great challenge's hun. I totally agree, you do need to catch up on some of these sequels...*hint hint* Pure, Deity, Elixir. =)

I'm going the TBR Reading Challenge 2013 hosted by Evie @ Bookish. I just want to read some of them books that I have had FOREVER plus the ones you've gifted me =)

Good Luck!! <3

Janie said...

I'm really bad for just reading the first and not putting the sequels on my book schedule! I'm making more of an effort to read sequels this year too :) At least 2 or 3 follow ups a month. I think I do it because I'm not 100% sure if I will like the first book.

Game of Thrones is GREAT! I'm reading A Clash of Kings right now :)

Bianca said...

I have so many series I need to finish. For most of them I have probably read the first 2 or 3 but then I start something else and don't make it back to it. I am hoping to finish some series this year.

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

@Charli sequels aren't just the second book in the series! (: Any book after book one is a sequel (:

Ida said...

My reading challenge is to read all the books I bought last year :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I need to read quite a few of those sequels too! Supernaturally was good!
I'm doing a couple of challenges this year - self-published writers, british books, and tbr pile :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Aw, I hope your avoidance of sequels decreases this year. I'm rarely disappointed by sequels. It's a cute challenge though. I'm participating in three challenges: New Adult, Seriously Series, and Feminist Reads.