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Welcome! My name is Haley, I'm a 27 year old book-aholic. I'm a book reviewer for the RiverTalk Newspaper. I love reading YA, NA, and adult paranormal mostly, but I do go into other genres on occasion. If you want to talk more one on one about books, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter, I love making new bookish friends!

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So tomorrow starts the Captivated by Contemporary event!!!! If you don't know anything about the event then let me enlighten you! 
I LOVE contemporary books, especially over the summer, I don't know what it is about hot weather, but it always puts me in the mood for contemporary books! So with that said I decided to do a special contemporary event through the whole month of August!

What's going to happen during this event?!

  • Interviews with contemporary authors
  • Giveaways with contemporary books and swag
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming contemporary releases
  • Reviews for contemporary books
  • and lots more having to do with contemporary books!

How can I make sure I don't miss any posts?

Or is there somewhere I can go to see all the posts for the event?!

YES! This is going to be the main post for this event!! I will have this post linked on my sidebar through out the whole event! This way you can see what you missed, or pick and choose what posts you check out! (:
August 1st: Captivated by Contemporary big kick off GIVEAWAY (international)
August 2nd: Interview + Giveaway (US) with Author Jennifer Echols
August 3rd: Review + Giveaway for Burning by Elana K. Arnold
August 6th: My Top 5 Favorite Contemporary Covers
August 7th: Waiting on Wednesday featuring a upcoming Contemporary Novel
August 8th: Review  + Giveaway for Knotted Roots
August 10th Teaser + Giveaway for Shelly Crane's upcoming novel Smash Into You
August 11th: Excerpt from Sarah Alderson's new YA Contemporary novel The Sound
August 13th: Review: Smash Into You by Shelly Crane
August 14th: Waiting on Wednesday featuring an upcoming Contemporary novel
August 17th: Interview + Giveaway with author Jennifer E. Smith
August 19th: Interview + Giveaway with author Janet Gurtler
August 20th: Interview + Giveaway with author Jolene Perry
August 21st: Waiting on Wednesday featuring an upcoming Contemporary novel
August 23rd: Interview + Giveaway with author Jennifer Brown
August 26th: My Favorite Contemporary Novels + Giveaway
August 27th: Excerpt + Giveaway with author Jennifer Castle
August 28th: Waiting on Wednesday featuring an upcoming Contemporary novel
August 29th: Dare You To- Giveaway
August 30th: Interview + Giveaway with author Jennifer L. Armentrout
August 31st: to be announced


Ninja Girl said...

This sounds like a great event!!
Ninja Girl

Angela's Anxious Life said...

How fun!!! I can't wait to see what's in store.


Tyler H. Jolley said...


Charli said...

This sounds great! I love Contemporary books!