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Today we are joined with author Jolene Perry! You may know her for her novel My Heart for Yours, if you have yet to know her then you need to fix that real soon! I adore her!! I have read 3 novels of hers and LOVED each of them!!! Check out her books on amazon here, or on goodreads here.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm totally not interesting, but I tend to be scattered in the things I do like. I love modern art and musuems and musicals and ballets and operas, but I'm also very content sleeping in a tent on the side of a river covered in mud... I wrote my first book sort of by accident, and I've been writing ever since.

What can readers expect from your recently released novel Out of Play?

Lots of head-butting, sexy fun. Both Nyrae and I wrote characters who have very big egos and very
big plans with their lives. I wrote Penny, a tough, tomboy, hockey playing, snowmachine (snowmobile to you non-Alaskans) riding, motocross racing girl. Nyrae wrote a drummer in a Grammy Award winning band who is in Alaska to get clean from a pill addiction. They played off each other really well and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard while writing a book.

Do you have a favorite quote from Out of Play, if yes what is it?

You have a novel 'The Summer I Found You' coming out sometime in March 2014, where did the idea for the romance between a girl who has just found out she has type one diabetes and a boy veteran who has just lost an arm come from?

(I'll TRY to keep this short, but make no promises, lol) Because I know SO many people who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. My husband actually got out of the military just before 9/11, and all of the people he was "in" with went overseas. Originally it was just going to be his (Aidan's) book, but I needed someone to counter-balance this big thing that happened to him. He wanted the military to be his career, and he lost it. I had to find a girl who had also lost something big. My grandma was Type I Diabetic and I had a friend in high school who passed out at an assembly, and found out she was diabetic. Kate was born from those two people. Also. I love Kate and how she blurts things out, and I love Aidan's quiet observance of what's around him. I'm SO excited to share this book w/ the world.

What are you working on now? Can you tell us a bit about it?

I always laugh when I get this question because there's never any ONE thing... I'm working on final edits for My Fate for Yours, a book I wrote with Steph Campbell (a NA Contemporary that should be out by the time this post goes up). I have a sci fi that's on submission to publishers now. I'm working on an "epic" paranormal romance with friend Allie Brennan. I love to write w/ Christa Desir and we're doing a book about the "undatable friend." I also have a YA Contemp called Scarred that I really want to finish up and get into the world about a girl whose face is disfigured after an attack when she was young, and is now looking for safety in all the wrong places...

Yay thank you Jolene so much for doing the interview!!! Jolene was also kind enough to donate some books for a giveaway for you guys!!!! Check out below for details! (:

Giveaway Details:
  • Up for grabs 
    • TWO people will win a paperback copy of their choice out of any of Jolene Perry's novels! (US ONLY)
    • FIVE people will win an Ebook of their choice out of any of Jolene Perry's novels! (International)
  •  Giveaway will end August 31st
  • Must be an adult of have parents permission to enter
  • Must fill out form below to enter

Check out all of Jolene's Novels HERE 
to decide which one you want to enter to win!

Check out my review of Jolene Perry's novel Night Sky here
Check out my review of Jolene Perry's novel Knee Deep here


Jerz Bookish Nerd said...

I read Spill Over by Jolene Perry and really loved it. Can't wait to read more from her!
Jesus Freak Reader

melannie (: said...

I love the two novels of hers that I've read, so fun and entertaining <3 thanks for the interview I'm excited to read all those books she's working on and Out of Play, too! :D

caroline.taylor078 said...

My Heart For Yours has one of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen, I had never heard of this author before so thanks for bringing her to my attention.

Hazel @ Stay Bookish said...

I just grabbed a copy of Out Of Play and omg I'm so excited to read it!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to read My Heart For Yours for ages now, it looks so good! Thanks for the awesome giveaway - I'm entering the international part. ^.^

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