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Title: Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear
Series: Book 1 in the Aether Chronicles
Genre: YA (17+), Fantasy/Paranormal, Steampunk
Details: 408 pages, Released August 8th 2012
Source: Bought

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Wish. Love. Desire. Live.

Sixteen-year-old Noli Braddock's hoyden ways land her in an abusive reform school far from home. On mid-summer's eve she wishes to be anyplace but that dreadful school. A mysterious man from the Realm of Faerie rescues her and brings her to the Otherworld, only to reveal that she must be sacrificed, otherwise, the entire Otherworld civilization will perish.

Innocent Darkness was such an amazing start to a series! I flew through this book and picked up book two right afterwards.Suzanne wrote an amazing, magical story that I adored from start to finish. This novel had romance, strong characters, awesome friendships and so much more. 

Innocent Darkness mainly follows Noli, Noli is not like most girls. She doesn't wish to be married off to a man of high living, and she sure as hell doesn't wish to become a lady. No, Noli wants to fix things up, she wants to build things, she wants to go on adventures and fly on a hover board without HAVING to have a man with her, she wants to go to college and become a botanist. She doesn't want society to tell her that she needs a man, she can take care of herself. Unfortunately though Noli lives in a place where you don't get what you want, and after getting in trouble with the air patrol, this time her mother has had enough and sends Noli to a 'boarding school' which is secretly a horrible reforming school for troubled girls. Noli wants to get away from this school, but when she finally does get away and finds herself in the Otherworld of fae, she may wish she had never left the horrible no one can be trusted. Not the handsome Kevighn, and maybe not even her best friend V (Steven).

Ah where do I even start with this book? I am freakin mad for this book! I am a huge HUGE fan of fae novels, it is hands down my favorite paranormal. It is also a paranormal that isn't done often, so when I come across a new fae book..I get super excited...and then when that fae book turns out to be totally awesome? Well lets just say I am 100% fan girling over this book Innocent Darkness right now.  It. was. epic.

Now I must say I can see why some people may be upset about this book. Alot of the negative reviews are people that went into this really wanting an awesome steampunk read. While Innocent Darkness is AWESOME in my opinion, it is lacking in the steampunk area, is it a steampunk novel? Technically yes, but the steampunk mentions are very light. I felt there wasn't alot of detailing on how the world looked or how their different technology devices/vehicles looked, etc. More of Innocent Darkness is spend in the Otherworld which is the fea world, which I personally enjoyed more anyways. So if you are looking for something that is a heavy steampunk read, then you may want to pass on Innocent Darkness. ALTHOUGH I must mention that book 2 does have alot more detailing and more insight on their steampunk world.

The best part to me about Innocent Darkness was the characters. Each character was so interesting and different than the next. I felt myself wanting to know more about all of the characters! I wanted to know more about the Queen, I wanted to know more about Noli, her brother, V, Kevighn, Lotti, James, Noli's mother, V's father, Kevign's sister...EVERY character left me wanting to know more about them! They each have a bit of mystery to their pasts that make you so curious as to the details of what happened. I found myself reaching for book two right away not just because I needed to know what was going to happen next in the storyline, but also because I am dying to know more about these character, and their pasts. To me that 1. shows how awesome these characters are to make me actually care so much about each of them and 2. shows me what an amazing writer Suzanne is to make me feel like I NEED to know more about the characters she has created.

Besides the characters I found myself also loving the worlds that Suzanne has created, the steampunk mortal world, and then the Otherworld where the fae live. I loved the romance, and the slight love triangle. I loved Suzanne's writing and found myself easily flying through the pages..I just really loved this book. I think if you are someone that wants to try steampunk out, then this would be a good start, also if you love fae novels, then this is also something you should try out, or if you're just looking for a new awesome read then this is also for you.  I highly recommend it and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • I think this is officially my longest review...annd this is after me shortening it TWICE ha!
  • Oh and I think this will be making my Top 10 Favorite Reads of 2013 list (:


meduza said...

I so love this cover! It remind me of a hidden objects game that I really enjoyed <3 Awesome review ^_^

meduza said...


Unknown said...

Sounds awesome! I'm actually more attracted to this book now that I know it has fae! Noli sounds awesome, and I always check out "epic" type reads. Great review!

-P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

bookittyblog said...

I met Suzanne at BEA last year she was lovely! I got the book at home but it kind of intimidates me a bit but I'll give it a try soon!

Unknown said...

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