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Title: Sacrifice of Love by Quinn Loftis
Series: #7 in The Grey Wolves series
Details: 307 pages, Released Sep 13th 2013

As one evil falls, another rises in its place. The powerful witch, Desdemona, has finally been killed by an alliance of wolf, elf, and fae. But Reyaz, brother to Cypher the warlock king, has vowed retribution for a life that was taken from him. Now Cypher must decide not only how to protect his newfound mate and his people, but also how to destroy the only family he has left. Meanwhile, Jen’s pregnancy progresses and the fateful due date draws ever nearer. The thought of losing Decebel’s child constantly threatens to overwhelm her. With each passing day, Decebel grows more distant, causing Jen to wonder what toll the impending loss of their child is taking on him. Unbeknownst to Jen, in an act of desperation to protect his unborn child and mate, Decebel strikes a deadly bargain with the Great Luna—his life in place of his child’s. There is only one way for that to happen; the bond between he and Jen must be broken.

As Jen as Decebel struggle through their darkness, another kind of darkness is infiltrating Fane’s heart. Doubts and questions linger as he tries to cope with the emotions brought on in the aftermath of Desdemona’s curse. He knows what happened wasn’t real, but still he can’t rid himself of the terrible images seared into his memory. Jacque is his light, the one who keeps the darkness at bay, yet he won’t let her inside to do just that.

Sally continues to learn what it means to be a gypsy healer and Costin struggles to protect her as she runs full speed ahead to help her wolves, heedless of her own safety. She sees her best friends struggling, each enduring their own trials. She’s desperate to help them, but can she keep them safe?

With all of these things hanging heavy over the heads of the Serbia and Romania packs, their attention is divided. The wolves do not even realize a threat has slowly infiltrated their midst. Will they recognize the threat in time to save the lives that precariously hang in the balance? Against this backdrop of darkness, choices will be made, fears will confronted, and the ultimate sacrifice will be made. Will the wolves stand together to defeat the threats arrayed against them, both from within and without? Will love conquer all? Or will the beleaguered wolves finally succumb to their demons?


Lilly stood just inside the entrance to the mountain. She still wasn’t used to the magic. From her vantage point, she saw only a normal foyer and front door. But anyone passing by on the outside would only see a mountain, rocks, earth, and shrubs. She refused to admit to herself that she was actually going to miss this place, though she had only spent a short time here. But in truth, it felt like home, or maybe it was just because Cypher was here and that made it her home. She ran a hand across her face as she fought against the tears that had been relentlessly trying to escape her eyes. Crying wouldn’t do any good. It wouldn’t change anything and it would only make her look like a weak ninny. So instead, she stood rigid, trying to appear nonchalant while she waited for Peri to arrive.
She had actually been relieved when Cypher had told her that Peri would be escorting her to the airport. But the relief was overshadowed by the fact that Cypher didn’t plan on going with her himself. But then again, what had she expected? The man was kicking her out. Why on earth would she want him to wave to her as she boarded the plane? Oh I don’t know, Lilly, maybe because you love him and want him to see you at the airport and realize he is making the biggest mistake of his life. Then, in the last moment, he would run to make the plane stop and board it to beg you not to go. Lilly groaned at her inner dialogue and pathetic scenario, which she thought must actually be from some sappy romantic comedy she had watched. She had to get a grip, and what better way to do that than by being distracted by an eccentric, ancient, and quite dramatic, fae?
“All right,” Peri nearly yelled as she suddenly appeared out of thin air beside Lilly who, for her part, yelped and jumped into the air.
“I hear you have been evicted and must vacate the premises immediately.” Peri didn’t acknowledge Lilly’s jumpiness. Instead the fae just looked at her as if she hadn’t just nearly given Lilly a heart attack while simultaneously reminding her that she was being kicked out of her man’s house, or in this case, mountain castle, which she loved.
“Thanks for that, Perizada. I’m glad that you reminded me that Cypher has decided to send me home, because I sort of forgot, even though I’m standing her in the freaking foyer with my packed bags.”
“Okay, note to self, human is touchy about eviction topic,” Peri said absently as she picked up Lilly’s bags. “Alright, have you said your goodbyes? Have you done all the ranting you require? Have you shredded all his sheets and burned the curtains? I saw that in a movie once and it seemed therapeutic.”
“Can we just go?” Lilly said as her shoulders slumped forward, her eyes devoid of their usual spunk.
“Grab my sleeve please, and try not to puke.”
Lilly closed her eyes, expecting there to be some sort of flash or rush of air. But instead there was nothing and then when she opened her eyes she was no longer in the foyer of Cypher’s home.
“Uh, Peri, I thought Cypher told you to take me to the airport,” Lilly said slowly as she looked around.
“You must not know me very well if you think that I always do what those bossy, arrogant supernatural men tell me to do. I mean, where would the fun in that be?”
“That sounds like something Jen would say,” Lilly smiled.
“Well if she does, it’s because she learned it from me.” Peri’s voice was full of her usual haughtiness.
“Whatever you say, Peri fairy.”
“I’m going to let that slide since your boyfriend just gave you the boot. Now, come on, let's go find your offspring and her
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Giselle said...

Oh this sounds like a good series! I haven't read a great paranormal series in a while I will keep this one in mind!

Haley @ YA-Aholic said...

@Giselle It does sound good doesnt it?!?! I have heard AWESOME things about this series (: Hope you enjoy it if you ever pick it up Giselle! (:

Unknown said...

I love this series. I can't wait to find the time to read this.

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